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Quality Control

1. From the key components, we produced by ourself with a whole producing chain. For out sourcing components, we strictly adopts the IQC team process. For all of materials we have 100% inspections.

2. Each order for the first piece, we will have fully testing on performance, and appearance, including silk printing, both confirmed with engineers, and sales person. This is the sample evaluating stage before mass production.

3. We have the main stuff who responsible for the silk printing issue. Which is very convenient to meet customers demand.

4. During the order process, we have the particular person from engineering department to patrol and examine, to check the process which is very important for quality tracking. We have whole testing line 100% responsible for all products.

5. For packing materials, quality department also confirm the details, size and appearance, and requested label and information with the documents which confirmed well.

6. Quality department has the spot check before loading container.

7. Without any failure load the container.