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    Model No.: WTAB-3P
    Brand Name: Powerhero
    Surface: Iron cabinet + Led graphic display
    Package: 2pc / ctn,
    Carton: Neutral carton
    Carton Size: 666x327x233
    MOQ: 50 pcs
    Payment Terms: 30% deposit then 70% balance before loading
    Date Of Delivery: 15~ 20days after deposit
    Place Of Origin: Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China Feature:
    Specific design for definite airconditioner usage, most economical
    Authentic zero crossing technology
    Taylor made C.R.G.O transformers
    High performance and high speed MCU control
    Independent SMT processing technology Usage:
    Air conditioners, Water Pumps, TVs home appliances.

    Series WTAB-1P WTAB-1.5P WTAB-2P WTAB-3P
    OutputPower 750W 1150W  1500W  2300W
    Phase Single
    Transformer C.R.G.O. toroidal transformer
    Indicator LED graphic
    Display Status normal working / timedelay / overheat / unusual / over load / over voltage / under voltage
    Inputrange 100Vac~ 260Vac
    Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Voltage 110 / 120 / 220 / 230 /240 Vac optional
    Precision ±10%
    Protection overload, high temperature, high / low voltage, short circuit
    DelayFunction 6 seconds
    Efficiency 98%
    Cooling System smart cooling
    Environmental Operating Temperature 0 - 40 ℃
    Relative Humidity 10% ~ 102% RH, non condensing
    Storage Temperature ﹣15 - 45 ℃
    Appearance Size (Mac. mm) 230x225x125 260x275x149.5 311x311x168
    N.W. (kg) WTAB 5.34 6.06 8.00 11.10
    Packing Qty/Ctn 4 2 1
    Carton Size (mm) 606x572x207 666x327x233 386x382x250
    Carton G.W. (kg) 23.36 26.24 17.60 12.10
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