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SME pure sine wave inverter 3500 1
SME pure sine wave inverter 3500 1

SME pure sine wave inverter 3500


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    SME Series Pure sine wave inverter

       Pure sine wave inverter can switch DC electric power into AC power. It also called UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). When AC power-down, inverter can contain power supply with DC power and ensure devices normal operation.
      Pure sine wave inverter is widely used in various equipments, such as communication system, aviation, home application; emergency system, fire protection system, vehicle-mounted, boat-mounted, and stage devices. Pure sine wave inverter also can form an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) system.
      Maintenance considerations are as follows:
    1、Operating inverter according to users manuals.
    2、Switch off when not in use.
    3、Put inverter in a safe place to avoid shock.
    4、Don’t put anything on the top of inverter
    5、No excessive sun exposure.
    6、Don’t watering inverter.

    SME pure sine wave inverter 3500 2
    Quick Details
    * Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    * Brand Name: Powerhero
    * Model Number: SME3500
    * Output Power: 3500W
    * AC charging current selected 20A/40A
    * NO-loading current less than 2.5A
    * Size: 580*330*275mm
    * Type: DC/AC Inverters
    * Output Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details: Export special carton
    Delivery Detail: 20 days


    Powerful 300% surge power
    Big charging current, 3 stage battery charger
    A true sine wave with very low harmonic distortion
    True C.R.G.O toroidal transformer, lower static loss, more energy-saving
    32-bit high speed MCU control with accurate detection

    Model  SME1000 SME1200 SME1400 SME1600 SME2100 SME2400 SME3000 SME3500
    Rated Power 1000W 1200W 1400W 1600W 2100W  2400W 3000W 3500W
    Surge Protection Power 3000W 3600W 4200W 4800W 6300W 7200W 9000W 10500W
    NO-LOADING Current (DC mode)   <2.5A
    Transformer C.R.G.O 
    Interface LED graphic
    Display Status working & loading & battery
    Input Voltage 140~275 Vac
    Frequency 45~65 Hz
    Output Voltage 220Vac ±1% for inverter; 220Vac ±8% for regulator
    Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 0.5Hz, subject to the main
    Wave form Pure sinve wave
    Wave distortion ≤ 3%
    Protection Overload, High temperature, Output high/low voltage, Battery low voltage, Short circuit, Over-charge, over-discharge
    Transfer Time ≤ 6ms
    Battery Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
    Charge Voltage 13.8V±0.5V 13.8V±0.5V 13.8V±0.5V 13.8V±0.5V 27.6V±0.5V 27.6V±0.5V 27.6V±0.5V 27.6V±0.5V
    Low Battery Voltage Limit 11V ±0.5V  11V ±0.5V  11V ±0.5V  11V ±0.5V  22V ±1V 22V ±1V 22V ±1V 22V ±1V
    Battery Low Voltage Protection Point  10.5V ±0.5V   10.5V ±0.5V   10.5V ±0.5V   10.5V ±0.5V   21V ±1V 21V ±1V 21V ±1V 21V ±1V
    Charge Current 20A /40A selectable
    Charge Mode 3-stage: bulk, boost, float
    Cooling system Yes
    Environmental Operating temperature 0 - 40 ℃
    Relative humidity 10%~90% RH, non-condensing
    Storage temperature ﹣15 - 45 ℃
    Packing  Machine Size (mm) 507*330*275
    Qty/ Ctn 1
    Carton Size (mm) 580*345*290
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